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Michael Hope and Sarah Wood, the main consultants at marketingondemand ltd.

THIS IS new. This is also old. In 2011 I started blogging to learn how, and to help ease me back into a working world that I had dropped out of briefly in order to care for our two children who came along and filled our lives with love. And a lot of plastic stuff.

For a while there is made sense to explore and play with my blog at sarahwoodonline, but now that those same children are in full-time school it’s time to sharpen up and to integrate the marketingondemand blog into our own family business website.

Both marketingondemand and sarahwoodonline have been running side by side for the last couple of years, while I experimented as to whether it is possible or desirable to blog about family life and about a technology business on the same pages.

Now is the time to blend the two together and to make it work, so if you have been redirected from sarahwoodonline today you are in the right place. And if you are looking at marketingondemand for the first time you are also in the right place.

Going forward myself and my partner will be blogging about the work we do with clients on marketing strategy, support and collateral, while we continue to explore and enjoy the exciting developments and impact of new technologies in our area; we will be looking at how to best integrate social media channels into your marketing mix, how to maximise the use of collateral you are producing to get the biggest bang for your money, and how systems and processes can help you to scale your activity.

Above all, and running through it all, we look at how commercial value can be realised and tied back to your marketing activities.

So welcome to this new old blog, I hope you enjoy or continue to enjoy the blend of content we are offering; please subscribe to our blog newsletter so that you can be first to see our new content.

We love to hear from you, so leave a comment or request below, and remember that we are always available to talk to new and potential clients about how we can support your business.

Thanks for reading – here we go!

Some of the supporting cast for the marketingondemand blog

The supporting cast

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