• Sarah Wood says

      Thanks, it’s my son, he seems to have picked up a competitive streak from his sister and was delighted with his award for determination in his writing! He is left handed and finds it a bit tricky.

      • says

        I’ve seen a few people have been fooled by his long hair and thought him to be your daughter. Sincere apologies for this, it must be rather annoying for you. I’m a lefty too, so I can relate to the handwriting issues.

        • Sarah Wood says

          Thanks – it isn’t annoying, people just see his hair, even when he is dressed entirely in blue and is wielding a testosterone-fuelled stick gun! One little girl in his class even wants to get her hair like his, it is lovely, though he is starting to think he would like it shorter now. Thanks for the comment on lefthandedness, it is proving a bit tricky so far, but he is getting there.

  1. says

    Ah its great when they can be proud of their achievements. My pre-schooler is currently quite chuffed when he comes home with a ‘helping hands’ sticker! #SilentSunday

    • Sarah Wood says

      Lovely – I think my favourite is a sticker they get a school for ‘sitting nicely on the carpet’!

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